Smart poultry

AgriMex Holanda is propagating a Smart Poultry concept that should help further develop a sustainable Mexican poultry industry. Taking into account people and animal health, environment, water and animal welfare, the AgriMex Holanda chain approach could help you prevent making the same mistakes as we did in the past.
Smart Poultry

Dutch Delta approach

Holland is traditionally a well-known trading country in agricultural produce. Thanks to the wealth of agricultural knowledge, the fertile soil, the quality of its produce and products and its trading instinct Dutch products are exported all over the world.
Dutch Delta Approach

Our partnership

AgriMex Holanda is a public private partnership uniting world-class expertise of all Dutch stakeholders: businesses, governmental & research institutions and knowledge providers. A unique group of Dutch suppliers to the Mexican poultry industry that, together, cover the full chain from feed to meat.
Our partnership

Discover our chain approach


2 – 12 October 2017: Poultry Orientation Course

From 2 till 12 October Aeres Training Centre International (the new name of Agrimex Holanda member PTC+) organizes a Poultry Orientation Course in cooperation with the Poultry Expertise Centre and several private parties. The course introduces you to the Dutch poultry sector in an efficient and practical way.

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Advantages of containerised mills and plants

What do you require when installing feed mills and plants? Minimum installation time. Reliable and tested components. Saving on civil and building costs. Three advantages of containerised systems. Agrimex Holanda member Ottevanger is specialized in feed mills and plants that are designed in a modular way.

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Right feed, right bin, with remote control

The security of knowing that the right feed gets delivered to the right bin. How does that sound? Agrimex Holanda member Walinga is specialized in engineered transportation equipment. No more wrong deliveries. Code your feed mixture and tag the bin. Only the right code enables delivery.

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Next stop CLA 2017

After the successful Smart Poultry mission to Holland in June, the next stop for our consortium will be the 25th edition of the Congreso Latinoamericano de Avicultura (CLA). This renowned event is taking place from September 26-29 in Guadelajara, Mexico. Here, Agrimex Holanda continues to exchange ideas with Mexican partners. Will we see you there?

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