What do you require when installing feed mills and plants? Minimum installation time. Reliable and tested components. Saving on civil and building costs. Three advantages of containerised systems. Agrimex Holanda member Ottevanger is specialized in feed mills and plants that are designed in a modular way.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a leading global supplier of production equipment and processing lines for the grain processing and compound feed industry. Founded in 1909, Ottevanger Milling Engineers is still an independent, privately owned, successful Dutch company, managed by the fourth generation of the Ottevanger family. At their modern and well-equipped manufacturing facilities in Aalten and Moerkapelle in the Netherlands, Ottevanger designs and produces a comprehensive range of process equipment incorporating to the latest standards and techniques. Their expertise lies in engineering, production and installation of machinery and complete installations in the dry-cereal and grain processing industry such as:

-Feed mills
-Premix and concentrate plants
-Aqua feed and Pet food installations
-Cereal processing lines
-Biomass installations

Advantages of modular mills and plants
Over the last 20 years Ottevanger Milling Engineers built many high quality Conventional and Containerised Mills across the world. Containerised systems are designed in a modular way, and normally contain all the plant equipment, electrical installation and process control equipment, assembled, tested and installed into support structures the size of one or multiple standard 20-foot shipping containers.

-All components are reliable and tested
-Minimum installation time on site
-Low freight costs and easy handling
-Complete with support frame
-Complete with all electrical and compressed air systems
-Assembled and checked in factory before dispatch
-Saving on civil and building costs
-Low energy consumption
-The plant can be erected in a short timeframe
-Easy to expand

Close cooperation with customers
The accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 100 years determine the quality of design, equipment and installations of Ottevanger Milling Engineers and its efficiency and reliability. But the best solutions are always the result of close cooperation with customers, from the initial stage up to the successful commissioning and handover of the project.

Find out more at www.ottevanger.com