Dutch Delta Approach

Holland is traditionally a well-known trading country in agricultural produce. Thanks to the wealth of agricultural knowledge, the fertile soil, the quality of its produce and products and its trading instinct Dutch products are exported all over the world. This applies equally to plant-based produce and for products of animal origin such as livestock, poultry (meat) and eggs. Some three quarters of the meat is destined for countries outside Holland, and the country is also the largest exporter of eggs in the world. Holland is accustomed to producing the goods that buyers in all the various countries demand.

As a vulnerable river delta, Holland has learned to deal with nature challenges in a specific way: by embracing water and embedding it in our DNA. Water became our way of life, our culture, and we used this knowledge in our governance, policies and investments with The ‘Dutch Delta approach’ as a solid outcome. This approach is driven by inclusivity, cross fertilization, integration and looking at the bigger picture. By working with nature, the Dutch succeeded in creating sustainable solutions for economic growth. Solutions amongst others that focus on practical solutions for smart poultry farming, taking into account animal health, food safety, waste-disposal and habitation, but also on issues as governance, education and a fair society.