Over the last few years, the genetics of layers changed. The laying period substantially increased and will increase even further. Mainly with free range and organic eggs, it results in eggs becoming larger.

Agrimex Holanda member Twinpack is specialized in EggsCargo® Trays. To ensure that these trays maintain to bring maximum comfort and protection to the eggs, Twinpack has developed a new generation tray: The Jumbo 2.0

This Jumbo 2.0 tray is suitable to pack middle-sized eggs as well as XL eggs with a weight up to 90 gram. Due to the unique design in combination with the very best HDPE raw materials available, this Jumbo 2.0 tray is extremely durable. Naturally, the Jumbo 2.0 is compatible with the EggsCargo pallet and divider.

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If you like to test the new Jumbo 2.0 Trays yourself, send an email to: sales@twinpacksp.com