Our Partnerschip

AgriMex Holanda is a public private partnership uniting world-class expertise of all Dutch stakeholders: businesses, governmental & research institutions and knowledge providers. A unique group of Dutch suppliers to the Mexican poultry industry that, together, cover the full chain from feed to meat. Due to the diversity of the members we can offer solutions on almost all aspects of poultry production. As supplier, but also as advisor in the choice, implementation and (re)use of equipment. As many challenges and/or opportunities are cross-linked over several segments in the chain, this allows a multi-factoral approach with the advantage of one consultancy partner with a low entrée barrier as no purchase obligations or consultancy fees exist.

The next decades the world population will grow fast and the importance of poultry products will grow accordingly, for eggs and poultry meat have a beneficial foot print. The challenge therefore is to produce more poultry products, with an emphasis on food safety and food security. The Dutch poultry sector is proud to be one of the global leaders in knowledge and innovation. Ecofriendly barns, innovative breeder housing systems, healthy forage blends, recycling solutions for waste and water, emergency plans in case of Avian Influenza, smart delivery control systems, all are examples of Dutch poultry innovation that are enriching the world today. The aim is to maintain and further develop this position for the benefit of professionals worldwide. Your benefit.